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    The belief that entrepreneurs have to sacrifice everything to succeed is a myth. In The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, Inc. columnist Damon Brown gives immediately actionable strategies to help you integrate a smart side hustle into the life you currently have. Known for co-founding and selling the popular startup Cuddlr while taking care of his baby, Brown shares smart first-hand lessons as well as wisdom from Steven Pressfield (The War of Art), Brene Brown (Rising Strong), and other business leaders. The Art of Risk author Kayt Sukel says Brown “lays waste to both the misconceptions and pesky little lies we tell ourselves about why we can’t make our side hustles a reality.”

  • The belief that you have to sacrifice your livelihood to leave your entrepreneurial mark is a lie.

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  • Understanding Human Connection

    Damon Brown believes technology can bring us closer together.

    Damon Brown believes technology can bring us closer together and, after talking with him, you probably will, too.

    Damon shares entrepreneurial insights in his daily Inc. Magazine online column, Sane Success, and regularly contributes to Playboy, Entrepreneur and Slate.

  • How Can You Communicate Better & Connect More?

    Damon gives insight into how tech can improve both your internal & external business and personal communication. He brings levity to our chaotic tech age, helping us understand what is new (and not new) in the latest trends.



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  • "The implications of his work are quite profound and will cause you to really do some deep thinking."

    -Srinivas Rao, best-selling author and co-founder of The Unmistakable Creative

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    He delivers value through his talks and consulting

    Actionable work-life balance insight

    Smart audience outreach & growth

    Better editorial content planning & management

    Communication among Millennials & other generations

  • "I love working with Damon! He really knows his material and writes about it in a way that non-experts can understand and actually be entertained by."

  • Damon in Action

    Recent Talks & TV Appearances

    "The Positive Power of Observation"

    March 18, 2014

    "Big Ideas on Little Pieces of Paper"

    November 6, 2014

    "You Are Not a Journalist Anymore"

    November 7, 2015


    Scriptwriter, "How To Choose Your News"

    June 5, 2014

  • Entrepreneurship & Media

    Startup Leadership, Journalism & Books

    Cuddlr: Co-Founder

    (Acquired July 2015)

    Cuddlr: Social connecting in real life

    • Apple Top 10
    • 200,000x users
    • Cover of WSJ & NY Times


    So Quotable (SoQuo):

    Founder, Developer

    So Quotable: Capture quotes in real life

    • Featured in TED Book "Our Virtual Shadow"
    • Quotes shared by TED, Al Jazeera America & other media organizations

    Inc. Magazine columnist

    Developed the daily Sane Success column, exploring how ambitious entrepreneurs can thrive without destroying their personal relationships or sacrificing their health.

    Media Consulting

    • Blizzard Entertainment (Comm Consultant)
    • Al Jazeera America/Current TV (Senior Digital Producer)
    • Older Adults Technology Services (New Media Consultant)
    • GWC (Content Consultant)

    Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed with Documenting Our Lives Online

    Published by TED Books (May 2013)

    Newspaper, Magazine, Online

    • Playboy Magazine
    • Al Jazeera America
    • Slate
    • Family Circle
    • NY Post
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    • Four Seasons Magazine
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